SiHing Bob Noorduin

Bob Noorduin has been studying martial arts for thirty years. He was born in The Netherlands, where he studied Judo from age 8 to 14 and engaged in Judo tournaments regularly. Right after that he started training Kyokushin Karate intensively at the Hontai Karate School in Rotterdam, The Netherlands until age 22. Bob also casually studied Aikido for a couple of years in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

After immigrating to Canada, Bob started training in Toronto around July 2001 under Sifu Rupert Harvey in Tai Mantis Kung Fu and Chin Na. In addition to that, he studies Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Sifu Simon Chong in Toronto, starting in January 2005. Presently, Bob is continuing his studies focused on Kung Fu and Tai Chi at the Golden Harmony Kung Fu Club.

Bob is a senior student at Golden Harmony where he teaches Shaolin Long Staff and instructs Sparring and Conditioning classes for Sanshou and Tai Mantis Fighting. He regularly supports student instruction at Chin Na and Tai Mantis Kung Fu classes, as well.