Shifu Pfeiffer started his gong-fu training under shifu Rivera (who studied Hung Gar for over 30 years). Shifu Rivera brought him to Manila to introduce him to shifu Xu Wei Peng (Shakespeare Chan) and shifu Alex Co, and with them shifu Pfeiffer started his praying mantis training.

Upon arriving back in the USA he wrote to shifu Chui Chuen Luen’s school (Recommended by shifu Rivera and shifu Co). He studied there for a short time there but he had to drive 75 miles every training session. Therefore, shifu Chui Chuen Luen recommended Pfeiffer to train under his student shifu Stanley Moy, who was teaching in Edison, New Jersey (USA). Shifu Moy became shifu Pfeiffer’s master and friend.

Shifu Pfeiffer is the oldest student of shifu Stanley Moy. He started studying with him in 1981 and continued for 13 years until he left Chinatown and started a family.

Shifu Pfeiffer was honored to be invited to shifu Moy’s wedding and receptions. They still meet as a close friends when they can.