Also romanized as: Chung Ho Yin (c) / Chung Jong Chong / Cheung Ho Yin / Chen Jun Wah.
Student of Huang Han Xun, graduated in the first graduate class in 1952, finishing his course.
Shifu Chen Meng Huan was certified by shifu Huang Han Xun while the latter was still alive. He received either or both of the following two items :

  1. A graduation certificate from shifu Huang Han Xun school
  2. A calligraphy scroll handwritten by shifu Huang Han Xun.

Shifu Chen Meng Huan changed his name from Chung Jong Chong to Chung Ho Yin; this was the custom in China. He was considered to be one of Huang Han Xun close students and was the best man at shifu Huang Han Xun’s wedding. Shifu Chen Meng Huan has also studied qi gong under Li Cheung Ching.

Shifu Chen Meng Huan opened his own school in Hong Kong, the “Tong Long Athletic Association”, where he propagated Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for years. He was also a student of the famous Eagle claw master Lau Fat Man and was a representative for both systems.

Shifu Chen Meng Huan was one of the first licensed by Huang Han Xun and was gong fu brother of shifu Lilly Lau in eagle claw. She gave him a banner that says “The best of the Generation of Mantis”.

Shifu Chen Meng Huan, that is also an herbalist, moved to the USA in 1993 to assist his son, shifu Henry Chung in establishing a school in Michigan.

Shifu Chen Meng Huan retired from teaching in 1998 and currently lives in Michigan (USA).