Student of shifu Chui Chuen Luen.

Shifu Cheung Wah started his tang lang quan training in 1974 under shifu Chui Luen.

When he started his praying mantis boxing training shifu Cheung Wah was already an advanced martial artist, certified to teach Fukien Golden Lion Kung Fu.

Shifu Cheung Wah received his discipleship certification to teach in 1982 the year before Sifu Chui Luen’s school closed.

Shifu Cheung Wah opened a school in Manhattan Chinatown, on 245 Broome St. New York (USA), in the basement of an old apartment building owned by his father in law. Shifu Cheung Wah was the one who lowered the floor in the school and built the tables benches and shrine for the school by himself. That school closed in the early ’90s.

Shifu Cheung Wah also had a school on Bushwick Ave in Brooklyn (New York, USA), in building that he owned.

Shifu Cheung Wah continued his contact with his Sifu Chui Leun trained through the 1990’s.

Shifu Cheung Wah has retired and he only teaches to his disciples now.