His name is also romanized as: Zhao Lun / Chiu Leun / Jiu Lun / Jiu Loon / Chui Lung / Chuen Luen / Chiu Lun.

Born May 5th 1927 in New York City’s Chinatown and moved to to Toisan County (Guan Dong Province) where he grew up. Shifu Chui Chuen Luen started training at the age of eleven at a Buddhist temple near his home (Yip Ming Duk Ji temple). The Yip Ming Duk monks had been practicing the mantis style for as long as they could remember and two of the monks took a special liking to shifu Chui Chuen Luen and taught him. They were referred to as simply “Big Monk” and “Small Monk”. Shifu Chui Chuen Luen could grasp the essence of a technique from just seeing it a couple of times so the monks were happy to teach him. He learned many hand forms from the monks before going to Hong Kong.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen was nephew of shifu Zhao Zhi Min, and he started training under his uncle around 1942. Shifu Chui Chuen became one of shifu Zhao Zhi Min’s favorite disciples. In all of the school group photos, shifu Chui Chuen is seated right next to shifu Zhao Zhi Min. Shifu Chui Chuen also became friends with the famous artist, shifu Kien Shih (Shek Kin) who also trained at the Jing Mo association.

Around 1960 he moved back to New York City (USA), and shifu Chui Chuen Luen was presented a flag to represent the American branch of Seven Star Mantis. Shifu Chui Chuen Luen taught in NYC from 1960 until 1983 when he retired. In New York he met Tang Lang Quan shifu Wong Jack Cheung (Wong Jack Man’s brother) and they used to get together to discuss mantis theory. Later shifu Chui Chuen Luen also became good friends with shifu Wong Jack Man. Shifu Chiu Chuen Luen continued to propagate the Seven Star style as well as travel back to Hong Kong and China.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen was one of the pioneers on teaching gong fu to non-Chinese students, doing that before many of this contemporaries.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen mentions he knows ninety six forms, as well as the weapons, two-man forms, qi gongs, etc. These do not count the “top ten” forms which he has never taught anyone, the character of which it is hard even to guess at.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen has told several times that he (as well as shifu Luo Guang Yu) learned not one but three different styles of Tang Lang Quan: Qi Xing (Seven Star), Mei Hua (Plum Blossom) and Guang Ban (Bright Plate / Board). Shifu Chui Chuen Luen mentioned that he learned these styles from two monks (he did not mention the names) in China and he was able to find one of this monks (Big Monk) was living in in Hong Kong and he resumed training with this monk.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen curriculum is similar to the the shifu Li Jin Rong but larger due to time difference between them (22 years), when shifu Zhao Zhi Min dropped some forms. In addition shifu Chui Chuen Luen teaches the forms he learned from the Yip Duk temple monks.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen lived in New York City (USA) and was a friend and colleague of shifu Chan Tai San (Lama Pai Boxing) and they were also related by marriage and gong-fu family.

He closed his gong-fu school in the 80’s and unless you have been a student of his in the past, you had no chance to study with shifu Chui Chuen Luen as he no was longer teaches actively. He went into the real Estate business and is no longer interested in teaching gong fu.

Shifu Chui Chuen Luen passed away on Sunday, January 15th 2006 at 3:45PM of heart complications. His funeral were at the Wah Wing Sang Funeral Home in New York City Chinatown.