His name is also romanized as: Peter Kwong / Kwong Gui Tong.

Shifu Kuang Ju Tang was certified by shifu Huang Han Xun while the later was still alive. He received either or both of the following two items :

  1. A graduation certificate from shifu Huang Han Xun school
  2. A calligraphy scroll handwritten by shifu Huang Han Xun.

Besides shifu Huang Han Xun, shifu Kuang Ju Tang learned his tang lang quan from other classmates of shifu Huang Han Xun. Shifu Kuang Ju Tang was very proficient in the seven section whip and three sectional staff. Shifu Kuang Ju Tang (in his young age) appears in shifu Huang Han Xun’s “Luo Han Gong” book.

Shifu Kuang Ju Tang moved to Oackland, California (USA) where the taught his first group of dedicated students (about seven). Shifu Kuang Ju Tang was a traditionalist and he would only teach three moves at a time and drilled his students over and over again until they know how to perform and use the moves he taught. During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, shifu Kuang Ju Tang was sending his students back to Hong Kong to earn achievement certificates from shifu Huang Han Xun. At that time, shifu Huang Han Xun issued 4 levels of certificates: beginning, intermediate, upper and advance levels.

Years later he relaxed a little his teaching methods because he was not able to attract westernized students who did not want to spend a long time to learn one set. Shifu Kuang Ju Tang taught not only in California, he had a school in Seattle, Washington (USA) and Portland, Oregon (USA). Shifu Kuang Ju Tang did not hide secrets from his students, he taught them well and was very open and generous with his teaching.

Shifu Kuang Ju Tang was a very good friend of shifu Y. C. Wong (Hong Jia Quan) of San Francisco, California (USA). Shifu Kuang Ju Tang maintained a low profile all his life and taught his students to do the same. That explains why not much is known about his students. Although many of his early students were quite accomplished in the mantis art and fighting skills, they were never mentioned in any martial art publications.

On the private side of his life, shifu Kuang Ju Tang was a very good swimmer and water polo player. He was a very attentive and loving father to his one daughter and two sons.
Shifu Kuang Ju Tang passed away in the 1980’s.