His name is also romanized as: Ma Cheng Jin / Ma Sheng Jin / Mo Chen Sin / Ma Sin Chin / Ma Sheng Hsing.

Shifu Ma Cheng Xin, native of Jiang Su Province, studied under shifu Luo Guang Yu.

According to the Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan oral tradition he won the fist national title in martial art championships in barehanded contests (in 1929) in Nan Jing and became well known in the martial arts circles.

Quoting shifu Patrick Cassam-Chenai on this subject he has mentioned that shifu Ma Cheng Xin did not win this comp. He mentioned that the official records say that there were 333 participants, 8 were granted a first prize award, 11 a second prize and a bit more a third prize category award, and shifu Ma Cheng Xin was in the second category. In addition, shifu Patrick Cassam-Chenai mentioned that according to eye witnesses, shifu Ma Cheng Xin’s face and hand were in a pretty bad shape after the competition, as you might expect. Although he did not win the first prize he survived the competition (which was not the case of many of the 333 selected fighters) and even won prize. That is a remarkable achievement.