Shifu Maurizio Zanetti, was born in 1957 in Italy. He began training Mei Hua Quan and Yang Tai Ji Quan in 1976 under shifu Chang Dsu Yao.

In 1979 shifu Maurizio Zanetti opened his first school, founding the “Italy Long Zhao School”, that later became the “Zha Geng Wu Long Zhao Kung Fu Academy” and for 10 years he collaborated with shifu Chang Dsu Yao and his grandson shifu Chang Wei Shin.

In 1986 he trained in Taiwan under shifu Weng Cheng Mao (Mei Hua Quan) and later he became student of shifu Zhong Lian Bao (Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan).

Shifu Maurizio Zanetti is co-founder of the “International Tang Lang Quan Association” and is recognized by the Italian Federation of Wushu Kung Fu as 6° Degree of Belt Black.