His complete name is Michael Lee Kok Seng. Shifu Michael Lee studied under shifu Wong Kam Hung when the latter lived in Malaysia.

Shifu Michael Lee was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1952. His parents had migrated from China to ensure a better standard of living for their family. Shifu Lee’s father, Lee Pak Yeng had studied Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan under shifu Wong Kam Hung for many years and was a member of his senior class of disciples. The young Michael Lee accompanied his father when he was training and at the age of six, shifu Wong Kam Hung began teaching his young student the foundations of the Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan.

After many years, shifu Michael Lee was initiated as shifu Wong’s disciple meaning that their relationship became as close as that of father and son.

Shifu Michael Lee emigrated to Britain in the early ’70s to advance his studies and pursue a career. In 1973 shifu Lee began teaching at the University of Huddersfield and due to the interest in gong fu and the high standard of tuition Master Lee was soon teaching classes of up to 300 people a night.

Apart from his teaching commitments, shifu Michael Lee is sought after as a judge and advisor at National and International tournaments, and is also an enthusiastic head coach of the Seven Star Praying Mantis Lion Dance Team. Michael Lee still lives and teaches in England.