Student of shifu Chui Chuen Luen. He started studying Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan in shifu Chui Chuen Luen’ school in Mott street (NYC) in the early 80s. Shifu Nathan Chukueke also studied under shifu Lee Kam Wing and shifu Su Yu Zhang.

In the past shifu Nathan Chukueke has helped to organize shifu Chiu Chuen Luen’s martial arts communications with those outside of the core group since his retirement.

These days shifu Nathan Chukueke is one of the Administrators of shifu Chui Chuen Luen’s organization called “Northern Shaolin 7 Star Pray Mantis Association”. This organization is not a school, but central source for information, guidelines, and networking related to Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan, qi gong and ethical standards for its members. The association is mainly involved in research in to the cultural, kinetic and linguistic theory/history of the system and it also tries to maintain standards for preserving the historical and functional integrity of the system. Shifu Chiu Chuen Luen Association do have affiliations with teaching organizations and do certify associations schools and teachers.

Shifu Nathan Chukueke is occasionally a judge at New York gong fu competitions.