Stephen has been training since age four, he has accomplished instructor rank in Choi Lay Fut, Hung Gar, and several other styles, his direct linage is from Shaolin under his first teachers, Henry Mah, Mo Chow and Grandmaster Paul Chan.

Stephen opened Golden Lion Kung Fu Club in Toronto’s old China Town during the 1980’s; he became a well sought after stuntman and worked on many episodes of Kung Fu – The Legend Continues, as well as many other martial arts films. Stephen is also a writer and producer of movies. Stephen started his training in Tai Chi Praying Mantis in 92 under Sifu Rob Moses, he was awarded the rank of Sifu 11th generation in 1998. During that time he also studied Qigong and Yee Chuan Tao under Grandmaster Michael Vendrell. He is now a certified Master practitioner of the Yuen energetic healing method under Sigong Dr Kam Yuen.[nggallery id=5]