Also know as Antonio Leon Puyot.

Shifu Tony Puyot began his training in Karate as a young boy, and by 1976, began training in Kempo, and Yong Chun. He later went on to study Hou Quan (Monkey Boxing) under shifu Mike Barry, and learned fighting strategy under Danny Valdez (who taught him Kickboxing, Kenpo, and Escrima). Danny Valdez was an excellent fighter who taught Tony Puyot most of his fighting skills. Valdez was an active participant in Tijuana’s fight gambling, and was later murdered after refusing to participate in a scheduled fight. Without a teacher, Tony Puyot continued on his own until he discovered Mantis Boxing.

Shifu Tony Puyot began training in Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan under shifu Stephan H. Laurette while they both worked in the herb shop and clinic in Uptown San Diego.

Following shifu Adam Hsu advice, in 1984 shifu Tony Puyot started training Ba Bu Tang Lang under shifu Xun Guang Long, and followed him for five years.

By the time Puyot was in his twenties, he was already a seasoned fighter from his experience in his neighborhood of Del Sol (a disadvantaged neighborhood in South Bay San Diego), and from his experience in Loss Prevention (unarmed security). Puyot joined the police department in 1994 and is now a Detective for the Chula Vista Police Department.

Shifu Tony Puyot teaches in the mountains of Ramona and has a small following of students.