His name is also romanized as: Koh Kim Kok / Xu Jing Ke.

Born in 1949, in Fujian province (China) during the turbulent reign of the Red Army. However, in 1959, he moved to Singapore with his mother. Since then, he has been living there.

He began his martial arts training when he was 10, under shifu Li Bo Yan, who was also his uncle. Shifu Xu Jing Ge first started his training in the Neijia quan shu (Internal Martial Arts forms) like Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan, thereafter progressing on to the Waijia gongfu (specifically Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan). Qixing Tang Lang Quan used to be his favourite. As the years have mellowed him, shifu Xu Jing Ge interest in Tai Ji Quan grew.

Shifu Xu Jing Ge had studied Yang Style Tai Ji Quan under shifu Li Bo Yan, and later he leared Chen Style Tai Ji Quan under shifu Zhu Tian Cai.

Recruited by the Singapore Wushu federation in 1978, shifu Xu Jing Ge was sent on overseas training in:

  • 1980 to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for training as a national judge in martial arts
  • 1986 to Shandong (China) for training as a national coach
  • 1989 to Hong Kong for training as an Asian-level coach.

Shifu Xu Jing Ge is National coach/judge in the Singapore Wushu Federation.

Currently, shifu Xu Jing Ge only teaches Chen Style Taijiquan, and he does accept students through referrals. He has not accepted students for the other martial forms, which he knows. However, he has 1 disciple in Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan in Germany.