His name is also romanized as: Yuen Man Kai / Yuen Mon Guide.

Born in the Heshan county (Guangdong province) in 1939.

Shifu Yuan Wen Jie was certified by shifu Huang Han Xun while the later was still alive. He received either or both of the following two items :

  1. A graduation certificate from shifu Huang Han Xun school
  2. A calligraphy scroll handwritten by shifu Huang Han Xun.

Shifu Yuan Wen Jie set up the Northern Praying Mantis Martial Art College in Hong Kong in 1965 and taught in the Chinese Martial Art Association in Shek Ou village, and in a martial art school and youth association in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In 1976 he went to Lancashire, England to teach at the White Cloud Kung Fu Gymnasium and exchange experience with the boxers there. In May 1980 shifu Yuan Wen Jie was a player at the National Martial Art Emulation and Exchange Meet in Taiwan.

Shifu Yuan Wen Jie lives in Hong Kong and has published several Praying Mantis books, not only seven stars mantis, but also Tai Ji Tang Lang Quan (that he studied under shifu Zhao Zhu Xi in Hong Kong).

Shifu Yuan Wen Jie’s Lan Jie book is worthy and follows shifu Huang Han Xun’s manuscript precisely although it does not include application explanations.

Shifu Yuan Wen Jie stopped teaching tang lang quan openly in the 90’s and he is teaching only his closed door disciples. In January 2003 shifu Yuan Wen Jie attended shifu Chiu Chi Ling’s birthday party, and as one of the invited guests he gave a flashing demonstration.

In 2007 being 68 years old was still active, teaching a limited number of students in Kowloon Park on Sundays and training at least 10 forms every day.