Also romanized as: Chong Lian Bao / Yu Lian Bao.

Born in March 1, 1942 to Zhong En Qing and Gao Cheng Fen in Yantai (Shan Dong Province).

Shifu Zhong Lian Bao showed great interest in martial arts as a young boy and in July of 1953 he began to study Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan under shifu Lin Jing Shan. After more than a decade of training, shifu Zhong Lian Bao was transformed into an accomplished martial art master of Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan. Shifu Zhong Lian Bao took care of shifu Lin Jing Shan till the last day of his life.

When playing praying mantis shifu Zhong Lian Bao’s movements are very crisp, clear and sharp but without too much exaggeration, he does his forms without no apparent effort.

From 1959 to 1972 shifu Zhong Lian Bao actively competed in many local and provincial wushu competition in which he garnered several honors. In 1979 he represented the Shandong province Tang Lang Quan Style during the First National Traditional Wushu Competition held in Guangxi province, and in that same year shifu Zhong Lian Bao was invited to perform in the Fourth National Wushu Competiton. Shifu Zhong Lian Bao repeated his impressive performance in the 1980 Second National Traditional Wushu Competition in Taiyuan, Shanxi province.

Shifu Zhong Lian Bao was invited to be the head judge during the Tenth Shandong Wushu Competition in 1974 and likewise served in 1984 and 1992 Wushu Competition as judge and head judge respectively. In 1980 while representing Shandong Tang Lang Quan in the Shanxi competition, shifu Zhong Lian Bao met shifu Yuan Wen Jie (Yuan Man Kai), student of shifu Huang Han Xun, who was representing Hong Kong Qi Xing Tang Lang. They both got to discuss the progress of Qi Xing Tang Lang outside of China, this was among the earliest meeting of PRC and Hong Kong Qi Xing Tang Lang practitioners.
In 1993 shifu Zhong Lian Bao accepted his first overseas disciples (from the Philippines). In 1997 shifu Zhong Lian Bao was invited by the Italian Olympic Committee to teach Tang Lang Quan in Italy. While in Italy he organized the International Tang Lang Quan Association. This organization was further expanded by shifu Zhong Lian Bao’s disciples by establishing branches in Germany, Belgium, China, and Philippines.

Shifu Zhong Lian Bao was invited to perform in the 1997 Second National Wushu Display held in Singapore, and in the following year he was invited to perform in the World of Wushu Show that was staged in Manila, Philippines.
Shifu Zhong have traveled widely to propagate the art of Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan and regularly conducts seminars in the Philippines, Italy, France, England, Germany and Belgium.