Secrets of Tai Mantis Kung-Fu BASICS ONE

This is the DVD you want to get to start things moving in the right direction on your path as a martial artist. Packed with techniques and tips, the DVD is unique in that it shows you techniques from right and left sides as well as in slow motion. Sifu Rupert Harvey demonstrates a wide variety of training techniques and Chin Na’s unique to the Mantis style . It ends with examples of how these techniques can be used in real life situations. You can watch it over and over, each time gaining new insight and understanding into this amazing art.

  • Authentic Shaolin Training Tips
  • Lots of Chin Na!
  • Left and Right Sides!
  • Slow Motion and Close-ups for Better Understanding!
  • Chapter Breakdown by Technique

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Secrets of Tai Mantis Kung-Fu BASICS ONE Trailer from Dan Couto on Vimeo.