Wudang Mountain Quigong Workshop

by Swinn / Wednesday, 09 February 2011 / Published in Chi Gong, Seminars


In celebration of the completion of my course of study at the Institute of Traditional Medicine, and the grand beginning of my home integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, I am delighted and honoured to present one of my new heroes, David Wei, coming to Toronto for the first time!
David is a 16th Generation Disciple of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, formally trained under the guidance of Master Yuan Xiu Gang in Taoist internal kung fu, qigong and meditation in Wudangshen, China.  David will be offering his expert instruction in Healing Qigong, its fundamentals and basic forms on Saturday, February 26th and Sunday the 27th.

Class breakdown

Saturday Feb 26th: Beginner Level. Foundations of Healing Qigong, and 8 Silk Brocade Healing Qigong set
3-7:30pm @ Lifesource Chiropractic Studio, 426 Adelaide St. W., Toronto.
This class is ideal for those who have had no or little previous qigong training.  All levels are welcome.

Sunday Feb 27th: Intermediate Level. Foundations of Healing Qigong and Wudang 5 Animals Healing Qigong set
9am-1pm @ Spirit Wind Internal Arts studio, 64 Oxford St. Toronto.  
This class is ideal for students who have had some training in qigong.
Yoga or dance flexibility is an asset but all levels are also welcome.

$60/day, $100 both days.  **Preregistration only** Space is limited so please preregister early to secure your place and avoid disappointment.
Contact me at this email address to arrange preregistration, and mention which day/days you would like to join.  We will accommodate those with limited funds with a sliding scale.

To visit the Facebook event listing, search (in FB):  Wudang Mountain Qigong Workshops


On Friday February 25th, please join us for an intimate celebration with teachings and meditation offered by David. This will be held at the Sphere of Clarity gathering place. There will be food and funfair.  If you plan to come, kindly RSVP so we can be prepared and pass along the details.

Thank you for your enduring support and love over the past few years.  It has meant the world to me, and so I offer my world to you!

With Love,

To learn more about Milton Hill, and Sphere of Clarity, please visit the Sphere of Clarity wiki site where his writing can also be found. (http://sphereofclarity.wikispaces.com)
To learn more about David, his training, his teachers and his current journey, visit his website. (http://www.wudangwenwu.com/)
To learn more about where I train in the Internal Arts and my Sifu Dylan Kirk, and to find out about the yoga, dance and meditation classes going on at Spiritwind, visit: http://www.spiritwindinternalarts.org/toronto
To learn more about Lifesource Chiropractic Studio, please visit  http://www.life-source.ca/

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