Chin Na Knife Seminar

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The Winds of Change

Thursday, 01 November 2012 by
 The Winds of Change 

by Sifu Vincent Pratchett

Nature is a powerful force, its manifestations are cyclical, and its effects can be seen for generations. Winds blow through Canada on a regular basis. On the east coast they are the Atlantic mid summer storms, on the prairies they are called the warm seasonal Chinooks. (more…)

A New Grand Master is Born

Sunday, 09 September 2012 by

“Hard work, over time, to accomplish skill”. This is the definition of kung fu, and for thousands of years, countless people have dedicated their hard work and precious time to the development of their own martial skill. But with this monumental army of dedicated followers, only a select few have ever achieved the status of “Master”. (more…)

Harmony by Meshach Harvey

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I move like the explosion of a galaxy

I strike like a tidal wave on the sea shore


Great job on his Intermediate Level One Test!

Congratulations to Nathan Younger!

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Great job on his Beginner Level One Test!

Congratulations to Bodhi!

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Congratulations to Bodhi on his promotion to Level 3!


Additional Daisy Lee Seminars

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Please click on the image below to see all the details. Golden Harmony Kung-Fu is not taking registrations for these additional seminars so you must make your own arrangements using the info on the flyer.

Shaolin Chin Na Seminar

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 Shaolin Chin Na Seminar 

hosted by Golden Harmony Kung Fu Club, Toronto


Congratulations to Michael!

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Congratulations to Michael on his promotion to Green Sash!