Advanced Level One Essay

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November 27, 2010

Golden Harmony Kung-Fu, Toronto

Advanced Level One Essay (Red Sash) – Dan Couto

Red Sash

I came to Golden Harmony Kung-Fu and Sifu Rupert Harvey after having spent many years as a martial arts practitioner at different schools training in a variety of styles. It is often said that it is best to stick to one school and perfect one art. Having gone in the opposite direction, I would disagree with that statement unless that art was Kung-Fu. For as I have learned, it is the basis from which all other martial arts spring. And Tai Mantis Kung-Fu (the style taught at Golden Harmony Kung-Fu) is the final style of Kung-Fu of the Northern Shaolin line. As such, it incorporates the best elements of all the other animal styles that preceded it. This is the style that I have been fortunate enough to encounter and the path I am now on. (more…)