What is Chi?

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January 31st, 2011

Golden Harmony Kung Fu, Virginia

Blog #2- Sifu Gordon Wicks

What is Chi?

A big question asked by students of Chi- Gong: What the heck is Chi? This term is too often misunderstood, and misrepresented. It is very simple yet not as easy to explain.

Chi- simply translated means “breathe”. Gong- work.

The practice of Chi- Gong is “breathe work”.

Chi has been said to be many things; life force energy, the ethereal substance that binds all things, electromagnetic energy, so on and so on.

Truthfully, Chi is fundamental basis of all animate beings. The first page of the book of Genesis, refers to this as the Word (I assume spoken from the breathe of the Divine).

Chi within the body is the elixir of oxygen mixed with the chemicals from the the reproductive organs and glands within the blood. As this concoctions moves through the organs, and tissues of the body, it causes the cells to vibrate at certain frequencies. This in turn causes an electromagnetic charge that stimulates the tissues and creates field or spherical wave around the cells, the organs and tissues and the body. (more…)

The Water Stance

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December 6th, 2010

Golden Harmony Kung Fu, Virginia

Blog #1 – Sifu Gordon Wicks

The Water Stance

The open road, the sun rising behind us, stretched south west before us. Brian Montgomery (5th year student) and I drove towards what would be an exceptional weekend of martial arts unity, history and training. The International Association of Independent Karate Schools of America held their 16th Annual Training Seminar in Franklin, Tennessee. With Honoured Guest Teacher Grand Master Rob Moses as the center focus of the event, Golden Harmony was proud to be representing Kung Fu and our family.

The drive journey brought us through the southern Virginia, right into the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Knoxville, the home of the Volunteers, and around Nashville, the music capital of the South. Franklin, Tennessee is a warm, small town outside of Nashville that has been ranked the #1 small town in America to live, three times in the last ten years! With perfect blue skies and a warm breeze, we were warmly greeted by Master Fritz (United Martial Arts), our host, Master Chapman, Sensei Burk (Traditional American Karate and founder of IKSA) and our own Grand Master Rob Moses (founder of Tai Shan Tong Long). (more…)