Golden Harmony Kung-fu – Virginia

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Golden Harmony Kung Fu is a martial science & an art that has been studied by and passed down through 38 generations of kung fu practitioners over the last 1,500 years. It is the process and application of the production of kinetic energy through structural conditioning and alignment, body mechanics, meditation, mental focus, ethics and intent. The result is a cumulative learned experience, the lineage producing a defensive combat system; a movement meditation, that has influenced the martial arts world wide. We are proud to continue to evolve this system as our instructors have, including these various training methods:

  • Qigong (Chi Gung) & Zhang Zhuan (Standing Meditation), for relaxation and cultivation of the energies of the body
  •  Northern Shaolin TaiJi Praying Mantis style, combines the hard, arduous training and conditioning of the Chinese martial arts, with the introspective, deeply complex principles of interpreting and issuing energy, allowing one to maximize the effectiveness of technique. This Hard/ Soft training follows fundamental tenets of the Tao: The Way of Nature.
  • Shaolin Chin- Na (literally to ‘seize & control’),  grappling of the Chinese martial arts,consists of the study of human anatomy through 5 levels of technique training. 1) joint locking and dislodging the bones (skeletal structure), 2) muscle division (soft tissue: muscle, tendons, ligaments), 3) sealing the breath (respiratory system), 4) sealing the blood (cardio, circulatory system), 5) pressure point striking (neurological system).
  • Shuai Jiao ( Wrestling & Throwing): we utilize a Japanese Judo  in conjunction with Chinese Shaolin & Mantis Chin-Na  techniques for an efficient learning method of  opponent takedowns
  • Combat Eskrima is a perfect compliment to to Shaolin Chin-Na and the Praying Mantis styles, as they all follow the same basic principles, and patterns of movement. Many of the techniques between the three systems, in fact overlap, and therefore we are able to integrate the applications together seamlessly. Eskrima (also Escrima, Kali, Arnis,) is the martial arts of the Philippines, both ancient & modern, consisting of gun, knife and edged weapons, sword, stick, staff and open handed defensive and combative tactics training. This comprehensive style arms anyone with the most efficient techniques of total defense.
  • San Shou/San Da (Free Fighting or Kickboxing): Sparring techniques, utilizing the whole body as a weapon that combines all of our training methods
  • Ground Fighting: We utilize Authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training methods for proficient positional wrestling and submission techniques in ground fighting
  • Qìxiè (Weapons): Short Sticks, Long Staff, Knife, Spear, 3- Section & other Traditional Weapons training, applications & sparring
  • Taolu (Forms): sets of classically choreographed movements of the North Shaolin Praying Mantis System to develop neural muscular control, discipline, developing & unifying mind & body energies, building coordination and lifting the spirit
  • Physical Conditioning & Elite Personal Training, from Nationally Certified Personal Trainers in our state of the art weightlifting facility & TRX Suspension Training to provide you the best opportunity for success with your personal fitness goals.

Get in the best shape of your life, have Fun and train in practical self defense!

Head Instructor: Sifu Gordon Wicks