What We Offer

We offer a range of services in the Martial Arts. The Centre sprang from Sigong Rupert Harvey‘s desire to spread the teachings of the Shaolin philosophy and martial arts to the public. The Golden Harmony Kung Fu Club maintains true Shaolin tradition in it’s training regime and provides teaching unlike anything you have ever experienced. The main style of Kung Fu taught by Sigong Harvey is Tai Chi Tong Long, or Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu. This martial arts system was originally taught in one of the four courts of the Northern Shaolin Temple (Honan province). It is a very powerful style of Kung Fu that uses both internal energy and external martial techniques.

httpv://vimeo.com/51742638 Dating back to around 475 AD (C’hi Dynasty) from the Shaolin Monastery in the Honan Province of China, Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu is the oldest known system of Kung-Fu and is renowned for its rigorous training and calisthenics. Students are taught basic breathing, stretching, conditioning, stances, basic stepping, punching, kicking and sparring in addition to many traditional Northern Shaolin forms and signature Shaolin applications. Outside of the martial benefits, students will see drastic improvement in health, balance, stress reduction, confidence, control and adaptability in daily life. Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu is taught to students aging 6 years and up, with no requirements for previous martial arts experience or athletic capability. Golden Harmony is officially associated with the Tai Mantis Kung Fu Association, uniquely certified to teach the Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu systems in Toronto. Northern Shaolin is taught at Golden Harmony by Sifu Rupert Harvey. Praying Mantis Kung Fu is the last complete Kung Fu system developed early in the 17th century in a Northern Shaolin monastery, and by many claimed to be the most combat-effective. Students will learn the most effective basic techniques of all Kung Fu systems plus all signature Praying Mantis techniques for grappling, hooking and sticking to the opponent. Tai Chi Praying Mantis (Tai Mantis) incorporates the principal of circular movements also found in Tai Chi Chuan, by using the opponent’s own force against himself. This formidable style stresses quick steps and footwork while executing short and long-range punches, grapples, hooks and trapping techniques. These techniques rely on a flexible body, balance, breath control, and speed. Seizing, locking and throwing techniques, ground fighting and “drunken” movements are also commonly seen in this style. Many kicks are featured, both low and high, as well as knee strikes and leg blocks.

(This video and 150 more like it are available on our member site The Mantis Speaks.)

httpv://vimeo.com/47814275 Chin-Na (“Seize and Control”) is the Chinese art of grappling, and is a sub-system of which elements are found in various Kung Fu systems. Chin Na can be studied complementary to every other martial arts system. Students will be enabled to learn the five succeeding levels of Chin-Na, from joint manipulation, muscle separation, striking the blood and striking breath, to more advanced techniques of energy manipulation including pressure point striking and cavity press. A student of Chin-Na will quickly learn very effective techniques against all sorts of attacks even against opponents with much greater strength, which is also very applicable for women’s self defense. The advanced Chin-Na skills are taught only to advanced level students who have demonstrated a complete understanding of the techniques in the first three levels. Consequently, the students who move on to the advanced levels would also, over the years, have demonstrated a stable and peaceful mind which is required in the responsibility of learning high-level Chin-Na. These skills are only used when absolutely necessary to prevent harm to self or loved ones.

(This video and 150 more like it are available on our member site The Mantis Speaks.)

Qigong [pronounced chee-kung] is a 5000-year old Chinese self-healing system with exercises to gain good health, to cause the acupuncture meridians to be relaxed and open to allow for a normal flow of energy through them and connected organs. In doing qigong, a student improves the immune system, and enhances vitality, youth, focus and calmness. This program offers both basic standing qigong and moving qigong based on the teachings of the Yee Ch’uan Tao and Wuji Qigong systems. Qigong is essential for martial arts based on the usage of internal power, and is very well established as a health system on its own across the world. 
San Chou is the name given to a type of full contact sparring. San Chou classes are vigorous cardio classes specifically geared towards technique and endurance so that practitioners are ready and able to participate in San Chou tournaments. 
The traditional weapons taught at Golden Harmony are:

  • Staff
  • Short sticks / Kali
  • Rope (Advanced)
  • Sword (Advanced)
  • 3-Sectional Staff (Advanced)
  • Rope-Dart (Advanced)
  • 9-Sectional Whip Chain (Advanced)

Training with the staff involves a lot of conditioning and many, many drills before any fighting techniques or forms are taught to the student. At Golden Harmony a student will learn to become part of the weapon in combat and feel attacks with the tip of the staff. It usually takes about two years of training to become reasonably comfortable with all aspects of the staff at which point two-man fighting skills are introduced. Golden Harmony has several different Staff sets and several two-man staff fighting sets.

httpv://vimeo.com/25234819 Kali/Escrima techniques are taught in the Golden Harmony Healing and Martial Arts Centre from beginner-level. The Kali sticks are made from rattan or Filippine hardwood about two feet long, and commonly a student uses either a single stick, two sticks or a stick and knife combination (advanced). A student will learn the 14 striking techniques, many striking skills, blocking and Chin-Na locking with the sticks. Stick sparring is introduced at advanced level, naturally using protective gear is an absolute requirement. Kali is only taught to a select group of students under strict discipline. If more that two classes are missed the student is out of the program. Kali is a secondary art taught by Sifu he is now under the guidance of Grand Master Nonoy Gallano.

Sifu Harvey’s favorite weapon is the Rope, due to its absolute flexibility. It is considered the softest weapon, and is also the most dangerous. The Rope can be of varying lenghts, Golden Harmony students start with a rope about 1.5 times the body length (8-9 feet). Student will learn a very complex rope form which demonstrates use of the rope in all ranges and all capabilities such as: striking, blocking, locking, grabbing, pulling, deflecting, punching, ripping.

After a student has become comfortable with Staff, Kali sticks and Rope, other weapons may be studied, depending on interest of the student. At Golden Harmony, some students prefer to progress their skills in empty-handed before picking up a weapon, whereas other students might like to specialize on a certain (set of) weapon(s).

 The PhysioStix were invented by our Grandmaster Rob Moses. They are based on the Fibonacci Spiral, whose proportions permeates all of nature. You can learn more by visiting Golden Spiral WellnessPhysioStix are available in our Store. httpvh://vimeo.com/91563477