Born in 1965.
Started his martial arts training in 1972 with Karate Shotokan and Judo Kodokan. Then he started his gong-fu training Wu Tao Hang Nam Pai, Wu Xing Quan and Shao Lin Quan.

In 1990 he created his own boxing style Kar Kun Do mixing the Japanese Karate with the Chinese gong-fu.

In 1994 shifu Angelo D’Aria travels to Hong Kong to look for a praying mantis instructor, and assisted by shifu Tang Kwong Hon (Vicepresident of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association) he meets shifu Li Jin Rong that accepts him as his student.

Shifu Angelo D’Aria travelled to Hong Kong several times and also attended shifu Li Jin Rong seminars in Europe between 1995 and 2002. Finally he was appointed as Italy Chief Instructor for the shifu Li Jin Rong Organization.

Shifu D’Aria became shifu Chen Le Ping student in 1998 (Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan PRC branch) and in 2004 was accepted as his da tu di.