Also romanized as: Tony Chui.

Shifu Antonio Chuy began his martial arts training at the age of 14 (around 1967) in Hong Kong, where he studied under shifu Lam Hay who taught Northern Eagle Claw and Choy Lee Fut styles. In the early ’70s shifu Antonio Chuy started learning praying mantis from shifu Li Da Chong and become disciple of the Northern Praying Mantis System under shifu Li Da Chong.
Shifu Chuy was also authorized by his master to train with shifu Li’s gong-fu brothers Yuen, Man Gai and So Siu Ming both in Hong Kong. Shifu Chuy also furthered his research of the Northern Praying Mantis System with some other shifu Li gong-fu brothers including shifu Kwong Gui Tong, shifu Lo Man Bil, Dr. Sit and shifu Chiu Wai in the USA as well as shifu Leung Yi Hoy in Hong Kong.

In addition, shifu Chuy was close door student and learnt weapons forms and fighting from Zhao Zhu Xi (Tai Ji Tang Lang Quan).

Aside from his thorough knowledge of the Praying Mantis style, shifu Chuy has studied and become proficient in various Northern and Southern Chinese weaponry. He has won many awards in black belt forms, weapons and full-contact tournaments. Shifu Chuy has also judged and refereed at various tournaments since 1979.
In the Spring of 1982, with the permission of his teachers, Shifu Chuy established the “Praying Mantis Martial Art Institute” in New York City. Over the years, shifu Chuy and his students have participated in over 200 martial arts and lion dance performances at various celebrations, festivals, cultural events, parades, fund raising events, charitable and social occasions held throughout New York and New Jersey.