His Chinese name is Cai Ming Ren.

Shifu Arnold Buenviaje began his studies in Ling Nam Athletic Federation in Manila in 1977. He has studied Chinese martial arts like Hong Jia, White Crane, Seven Star Praying Mantis (Zhao Zhi Min lineage) and Choy Gar.

In 1983 he took part of the 4th World Kuoshu Tournament in Tainan, Taiwan.

In 1988 he was selected to be a member of the Philippines National team that represented that country in several international competitions. He retired from the competions in 1991.

In 1993 he traveled to Yantai (PRC) where he competed in the “International Tang Lang Quan Exhibition”. In Yantai, he also had the opportunity to lear from his master’s gong fu brother, shifu Yu Tian Cheng, the form Rou Ling Quan.
That same year shifu Arnold Buenviaje began to study under shifu Zhong Lian Bao, later he became his baishi Tudi which was held in shifu Zhong Lian Bao’s home in Yantai (1993).

In 1995 shifu Lu Song Mao (Luk Chung Mow) from the “Luk Chi Fu Martial Arts Association” in Hong Kong accepted him as disciple in the White Crane style and in 1996 shifu Zhang Guo Hua (Cheung Kwok Wah) graduated him as 2nd. level black sash in that style.

In 1998 shifu Zhong Lian Bao granted shifu Arnold Buenviaje the authority to teach Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan. Currently shifu Arnold Buenviaje is assistant chief instructor at Ling Nam Athletic Federation in Manila. In addition he also teaches at the “Philippine Chi Ching Wushu Association” as Chief Instructor and he has founded his own organizations called “Ling Ming Martial Arts Association” and “Qixing Tanglang Quan Association Philippines”.