Born in Australia in 1972. Bai Ren Da is his Chinese name, his western name is Brendan Tunks. Shifu Tunks has studied Chinese Boxing since 1984 and the mainland branch of Mantis Boxing since 1991.

He started his studies under Wang Xiao Hua and later he was accepted as Da Tudi (Head disciple) of Kang Zhi Qiang from Qingdao. He has also studied under Li Qi Ming and Li Qi Yu (also of Qingdao).

Shifu Tunks was Tang Lang Champion in Qingdao 1998 World Wushu Championship. In 1999 Qindao Wushu Championship he won gold medal in Taolu (form Tou Tao) and silver medal in the heavy weight traditional Tang Lang Sanda.

Currently shifu Bai Ren Da is the president of the Australian Tanglang Quan She (Mantis Boxing Society).