His name is also romanized as: Al Cheng.

Shifu Cheng Luen Chuen started studying martial arts when he was 14 (in 1965) under shifu Huang Han Xun.

Shifu Cheng Luen Chuen moved to Canada in the early seventies to go to Art school and for this period he did not teach at all. He returned to Hong Kong for a short time in order to immigrate to Canada.

Shifu Cheng Luen Chuen was Hong Kong full contact champion in his weight category in 1979.

Later, shifu Cheng Luen Chuen emigrated to Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) where he currently lives.

He opened his school in Vancouver in 1979, a while after shifu Huang Han Xun passed away. He sent a letter to shifu Huang Han Xun’s son to apply for permission to open his school. This was the standard protocol to follow as shifu Huang Han Xun’s son is the head of the clan for such matters. He was authorized to take on students under the Huang Han Xun lineage.

For long time he taught in the Vancouver’s Chinatown and he produced many champions.

Shifu Cheng Luen Chuen is not actively teaching these days. However, some of his students see him regularly and he still attends the monthly gong-fu association meetings.