Shifu Claudio Fabbricatore was born on 17 July 1972 near Naples in Italy.

He started training seven-star mantis in March 1990 under shifu Holger Heek (Germany). Later he was accepted as student of shifu Lee Kam Wing.

Shifu Lee Kam Wing appointed him instructor in 1997 and in 1999 as chief instructor and his representative in Italy.

He participated in many international championchips in Europe with good results (Open Kung Fu/ Wu Shu Championchips in Karlsruhe, Germany , Golden Dragon Cup in Rimini, Italy, etc.)

In 1997 after meeting shifu Zhong Lian Bao he also became his student.

From 1992 up to now he has been teaching in Rome, Italy, where he was also a student of medicine at La Sapienza University. He graduated in 2000 and he specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Since 2001 shifu Claudio Fabbricatore does not serve anymore as Chief Instructor and does not belong to shifu “Lee Kam Wing Assoc, Hong Kong”, training only under shifu Zhong Lian Bao.

In 2002 shifu Claudio Fabbricatore founded the “Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu Research Institute Italy” sports and culture association, and at his school he teaches both Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan branches (shifu Lo Guang Yu and shifu Lin Jin Shan).
In 2003 shifu Claudio Fabbricatore completed his course on Chinese traditional and energetic acupuncture and in 2004 started his specialization in sports medicine at the “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” university of Rome.