Sifu Gordon Wicks

Sifu Gordon Wicks has been training under Sifu Rupert Harvey in the Tai Chi Praying Mantis system since 1999 when he first moved from Virginia to Toronto Canada.

Gordon has been very diligent and dedicated to his art and his Sifu, he returned to Virginia as a senior student after training intensively for five years, and under the direction of Sifu Harvey opened up the Golden Harmony Kung Fu club Virginia branch. During Grand Master Rob Moses’ visit to Toronto in February 2009, Gordon Wicks was promoted by Sifu Harvey to the rank of Sifu 12th generation.

Gordon continues to teach and train with a small but dedicated group in Virginia, Gordon is well respect and loved by all his Kung Fu uncles, he keeps regular contact with the entire Kung Fu family.

1997 – Began formal training with SiFu Rupert Harvey
1999 – 2002 – Won Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals at the Canadian Wushu- Kung Fu Challenge and Karate Kung Fu Mania Championships
2002 – Formed the Virginia Branch of Golden Harmony Kung Fu Club
2004 – Received the Community Service Award from the Tai Shan Mantis Society
2005 – Received a degree in Iron Palm Technique from Tai Mantis Association
2009 – Received degrees as 12th generation in Tai Mantis Kung Fu, 3rd generation in Tai Shan Mantis Kung Fu, Shaolin Chin- Na and 38th generation in Shaolin Kung Fu
2011 – National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

SiFu Gordon Wicks has trained with various Masters in different styles over the years including:

  • Master Duan – Wuji Chi- Gong
  • Si Fu Daisy Lee – Wuji Chi- Gong
  • Si Fu Francesco Garipoli – Wuji Chi – Gong
  • Si Gong Mo Chow – Chinese New Year Celebrations and  Traditional Lion Dance
  • Si Fu Ian Chow – Hungaar Kung- Fu, Traditional Lion Dance
  • Si Gong Nanoy Gallano – Gujo Kun ( Fist of our Five Ancestors) Kung- Fu, Tai- Chi Chuan, Combat Eskrima
  • Si Fu Jimmy – Yang Style Tai- Chi Chuan (short  form)
  • Si Fu Stephen Chong – Yuen Energetics, Chinese internal medicine, Taoist Yoga, Hungaar Kung- Fu, Shaolin Tai- Chi Tong Long Kung- Fu, Yahweh Meditation
  • Si Fu Vincent Pratt – Shaolin Tai- Chi Tong Long, Chi- Gong
  • Si Fu Gary Bowman – Conquering Lion Martial Arts, physical conditioning
  • Si Fu Kevin Ten – Hapki Do, Shaolin Tai- Chi Tong Long
  • Si Fu Alex – Paqua
  • Instructor Max White – Kali Fighting System ( Pilipino martial arts)
  • Instructor Michael Joseph – Police and Special Forces Hand to Hand Tactical Combat Training (Gung Ho Chuan)
  • Instructor Calvin Woodford – Orthodox Tai- Chi Chuan