His Chinese name is: Tang Jia Shan.

Shifu Patrick Cassam-Chenai is a French national. In 1986 he started his training in Paris under Wong Yu Kwai Sifu who was following the Jingwu Association program and was teaching selected forms from the styles Hong Jia (Hung gar), Cai Li Fo (Choylifut), Tantui and Qixing Tanglang (seven star praying mantis) plus some Wingchun. Wong Yu Kwai ‘s master was the famous Siu Hon San one of the 10 tigers of Canton.

In the early nineties Patrick moved to Perth in Western Australia where he met shifu Tsui Wing Sing who had just opened a seven star praying mantis school. He took this great opportunity to specialize in the praying mantis style and started training under Tsui Sifu. Since that time Patrick has traveled all over the world and particularly through Asia where he has done extensive research into the seven star system and praying mantis kungfu in general.

He currently resides and teaches in Paris where he has a select number of students. He also spends a considerable amount of his time in Australia where he continues to train with shifu Tsui Wing Sing.

Shifu Patrick Cassam-Chenai also trained Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan under shifu Wang Yuan Qian.