Shifu Richard Tix started to learn Judo in September 1976, then he continued his training in Shotokan Karate. Years later he started training Kick Boxing, and obtained a 4th Dan in this sport, also becoming international judge.

In 1979 shifu Richard Tix started training Nan Tang Lang Quan (Zhou Jia) under shifu Laszlo Banhegyi (Hungary), and then moved to train Flat Plate Mantis. In 1983 he got the permission to open his own school, and he established the “Biang Tong Long Kune Kung Fu School”.

In 1988 shifu Richard Tix joined shifu Li Jin Rong’s Seven Starts Mantis organization. Shifu Richard Tix started his Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan training under shifu Kai Uwe Pel from Germany.

Later he started training directly under shifu Li Jin Rong and was the first shifu graduated in Hungary. Shifu Richard Tix spread the style in Hungary, having more than 600 students during his life. In these years he become an important player in the Hungarian martial arts scene and completed his studies in traditional Chinese therapies.

After a long fight against a serious disease shifu Richard Tix passed away in 2001. After his death, shifu Li Jin Rong dedicated him the title of honorary SiGung.