Sifu Rob Moses

Sifu Rob Moses began training with Sifu Kam Yuen in 1976 when he was 17 years old. He became certified in Northern Shaolin / Tai Chi Praying Mantis in the early 1980s by Sifu Kam Yuen.

Sifu Rob Moses founded Tai Shan Mantis after he became certified in Northern Shaolin / Tai Chi Praying Mantis. The Tai Shan Mantis System is independent from the Northern Shaolin / Tai Chi Praying Mantis System.

Tai Shan Mantis is a complete martial system, which incorporates both traditional and neo-classical Kung Fu. Its purpose is to illuminate living concepts.

One expression of Tai Shan Mantis is the 9 Psalms Praying Mantis Kung Fu system created by Sifu Moses. These 9 concepts promote flexible movement and thinking, expand the Spirit, and offer a genuine artisitic release for all practitioners, resulting in positive health and attitude. It allows one to master oneself, while achieving better health, fitness and self-defense abilities. Its expressions take you on a journey of circles, figure-eights, spirals, straight lines, ellipses, and more. They include all the traditional elements of a martial art: kicks, punches, throws and locks.

The four unique and basic stipulations for the practice are: Seek the truth in your training, help others and do not be selfish, strive to be free-thinking and do not limit your imagination. It’s time to make brighter choices and seek the love consciousness. Tai Shan Mantis offers a joyful approach to work worth doing.

1977 – Began formal training with Dr. Kam Yuen in Tai Mantis Kung Fu and received his degree in 1983

1982 – 2009 – The late David Carradine’s martial arts instructor until his untimely death

1990’s – Played ‘Master Kahn’ in the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues’

1991 – 1996- Trained SiFu Rupert Harvey, among others, in Toronto

2002 – Was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2003 – Silver Medal in the Scoville Awards

2007 – Awarded the Soke title by the International Karate Schools of America

2010 – Entitled and Ambassador to Universal Peace by the United Nations

2010 – 8th Degree Black Sash by the Tai Mantis Association

Grand Master Rob Moses is the founder of Tai Shan Mantis Kung Fu and Spiral Fitness Exercise, and has been featured in several documentaries and books for his work.



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