Student of shifu Wang Xing Han.

Shifu Tim McFarland started training martial arts around 1975 in the United States and then China. His main style is Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan.

Shifu McFarland also studied Northern Shaolin under Shifu Au Chen, beginning in 1975, graduating in 1979. Then he continued his studies in Northern Shaolin under several other masters including Madame Wang JuRong in 1988 and shifu Jiang Chen Chun in 1987.

Shifu McFarland has studied Tai Ji Quan (both Yang and Chen systems), since 1975 with many masters including shifu Fu Zhong Wen (Yang) and shifu Jiang Chen Chun (Chen).

Sifu McFarland began his study of 7 Star Praying Mantis in 1976. Graduating under shifu Wang Xing Han in 1985. He has continued to study aspects of Praying Mantis with many famous masters including shifu Jiang Chen Chun, shifu Xu Bo Ran, and shifu Zhang Bing Dou.

Shifu McFarland has won national and international competitions and now he officiates and promotes tournaments.
In 1984 Sifu McFarland opened “North Bay Kung Fu” school located in Sonoma, where he still teaches gong fu, his main focus.