Student of shifu Chow Chi Fung (Canada). Shifu Tim Wakefield owns a Villari Martial Arts School where he is a fulltime instructor. The Villari System is based upon Shaolin Kempo from which the Villari System gets it’s roots, Qi Xing Tang Lang is shifu Wakefield’s secondary system.

Of the 72 forms required by his shifu to become Master of this branch of Qi Xing Tang Lang, in 2001 shifu Wakefield had learned 52 Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan sets from shifu Philipman Chow. Shifu Wakefield is currently on a sabbatical in regards learning any new forms from his master and will return for the remaining 20 forms when he feels he has had time to gain expertise in the 52 forms he has learned to-date.

Since 2005 shifu Tim Wakefield retired from Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan in order to focus his study of Kempo, he does not teach Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan and is no longer a student of shifu Chow Chi Fung.

Shifu Tim Wakefield teaches Kempo Kung-Fu in full-time school in Aurora, Ontario (Canada).