Also known as Wang Shao Fei and his nickname was Cao Shang Fei  (fly over the grass) in reference to his fast steps.

Born in 1875, he is supposed to be the younger brother of shifu Wang Rong Sheng. “Who is Who in Chinese Martial Arts” states that shifu Wang Yun Peng followed his master, shifu Li San Jian, for many years until his death. On the same line, the dictionary of famous master says that shifu Wang Yun Peng started training Ba Gua Zhang in 1891. Then he started his tang lang quan training under shifu Li San Jian in 1901, and travelled to many places with him. According to his descendants he trained Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan under shifu Li San Jian in the Dongbei area.

On the contrary, shifu Wang Yun Peng is not a figure of note in the Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan family. In fact, he is omitted in the genealogy of Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan held by the descendant’s of shifu Wang Yun Sheng and shifu Fan Xu Dong. If we consider the commonly accepted birth date for shifu Li San Jian (1821), shifu Wang Yun Peng was accepted as his student when shifu Li San Jian was around 80 years old. There is doubt as to what he did learn, even if he did follow shifu Li San Jian to his death.

Shifu Wang Wang Yun Peng was member of the Guomindang party. He was a violent man with a very bad temper. Sometimes he trained at 3 AM to be sure that nobody was watching him. If he observed someone spying his training he would start a fight immediatelly. In 1920 shifu Wang Yun Peng moved to Wu Tai Shan and became a monk and in 1946 he finally moved to Qingdao.

Shifu Ilya Profatilov in his Journal of Martial Arts article states that shifu Wang Yun Peng learned 1st and 2nd Zhai Yao forms from shifu Wang Yu Shan in Qingdao, after being defeated by him in a boxing match. However, shifu Huo Rui Ting lineage (Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan branch) mentions that nobody knows who was the winner of the fighting duel, but that after their fight shifu Wang Yu Shan publicly recognized Wang Yun Peng as the great master. Other descendants of Wang Yun Peng mention that he was shifu Wang Yun Peng beat shifu Wang Yu Shan in the challenge and they say these masters were not at all friends, and certainly did not exchange tang lang quan.

Shifu Wang Yun Peng had many problems with the Communist Government and spent time in jail because of his Guomindang sympathies.

When shifu Wang Yun Peng arrived to Qingdao he was already an old man. According with his students because of this he taught very little tao lu and nearly entirely yongfa. His tudi, shifu Zhang Zhuo Chun follows a similar teaching style.
I have heard a story about a fight between Wang Yun Peng and a Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan master in Qingdao in 1951, when shifu Wang Yu Peng was 76. This story is totally fake.

Shifu Wang Yun Peng had several tudi in Qingdao and passed away in 1959 (one source mentioned that shifu Wang Yun Peng hung himself but I was unable to confirm).