His name is also romanized as: Xiao Yu Liang / Xiao Yu Bin / Xiao Yu Liang / Chiu Shiu Leung / Shao Su Yag

Born in 1897, shifu Xiao Shu Bin started his studies under shifu Yang Wei Xin but as he was sent to prision, shifu Xiao Shu Bin followed his studies under shifu Fan Xu Dong.

Shifu Fan Xu Dong had many students but only nine of them were considered disciples, shifu Xiao Shu Bin was the fifth disciple.
Shifu Xiao Shu Bin was famous because of an incident with a ken-jutsu Japanese master. The Japanese ken-jutsu master’s feats were very impressive. Equipped with his knowledge and expertise of the arts, he went to the Southern part of China and there threw challenges to the exponents of the gong fu world.

The gong fu masters who accepted the challenges were easily defeated by the Japanese expert. Because of this twist of fate on gong fu, the Japanese expert laughed at gong fu and so confident was the Japanese master of his ability that he started throwing challenges of duels to death, or duel bestowing death to the loser.

One day, a stranger appeared within the vicinity of the Japanese’ environs and voiced his intention of accepting the challenge. Unfazed, the Japanese expert threateningly advised that such a duel is not an ordinary one for the loser’s life is at stake. The stranger placidly and with cool comfort consented to the challenge and their duel to death began. Spectators in the hundreds gathered around them for what appeared to be the most significant fight of their times.

The Japanese ken-jutsu expert was armed with a samurai sword while the Chinese stranger was armed with a saber. In the middle of the fight, the spectators were held in awe when suddenly the stranger just fell down to the ground. They thought that the stranger was no match for the Japanese expert as they rationalized his stances were so weak and his strength not enough to that of the Japanese that he tumbled down. The spectators pitied the Chinese stranger even as they braced for the Japanese’s blow. The Japanese expert, believing the stranger finished, slashed down with his sword to deliver the killing blow. But alas and behold! Before the Japanese expert’s sword could find its target, the Chinese stranger in a split second kicked the Japanese in the hand, throwing the Japanese’s katana several feet away. Almost simultaneously, the stranger jumped up and thrusted his saber into the Japanese. The spectators gasped in amazement and began cheering for the stranger. The stranger then proceeded to thrust his knife into the Japanese’ body and controlled it in such a way that the knife just cut through his trousers. The spectators gleefully laughed at the stranger’s joke. Even the Japanese expert similarly laughed for he knew then that the stranger was kind enough to spare his life. The Japanese gave a 90-degree bow to the Chinese stranger as a sign of respect.

After the fight, the spectators rushed towards the stranger, their new hero. In acclaim they asked his name. With all humility and candor the stranger replied “I’ve come from Un-Tay (a province in China) and all I have wished is to be able to catch a small bird only. Please don’t treat me as a hero. I am Xiao Shu Bin, a disciple of praying mantis shifu Fan Xu Dong.
Shifu Xiao Shu Bin passed away in 1967.