His name is also romanized as: Alex Co / Alex Ko.

Shifu Xu Jing Wei is a senior student of shifu Xu Wei Peng.

Shifu Xu Jing Wei originally learnt Wu Zu Quan (Five Ancestors Boxing) from Fu Jian province. Later, he joined Sifu shifu Xu Wei Peng around 1980.

Shifu Xu Jing Wei opened a martial art school with his master, but he closed it long time ago.

Shifu Xu Jing Wei, together with his master, wrote a book called “The Praying Mantis Style of Kung Fu”. The book was published by “National Book Store” in Manila (Philippines) in 1981 and it covers mostly fundamentals, with some nice pictures and explanations. He also published several articles in magazines. In 2000 he was preparing a new Praying Mantis title that is in its finalizing stage.

In 2000 shifu Xu Jing Wei released two instructional video tapes in the USA (Plum Flower Boxing and Eighteen Ancestors) about Qi Xing Tang Lang and several others on Wu Zu Quan.

He owns a store named “Sqaudron” in Manila, a store that sell all sorts of martial arts items like books, videos, suits, apparatus, etc.