His name is also romanized as: Yang Wei Chen / Yan Wen Yin / Yang Wen Yin / Yung Wai Sun

Born in Peng Lai (Shan Dong Proving) in 1880, shifu Yang Wei Xin was one of shifu Fan Xu Dong’s most senior desciples. Shifu Fan Xu Dong had many students but only nine of them were considered disciples, shifu Yang Wei Xin was the third disciple.
Shifu Yang Wei Xin was a man with a short temper. In 1910 he was prosecuted for killing two fighters. According to PRC Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan oral tradition shifu Yang Wei Xin was told that people from a Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan school talked about his skills as a poor skills and he went to this school very furious. Shifu Yang Wei Xin was standing in circle of Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan students, he grabbed a stick from one of opponents and hit around himself. Shifu Yang Wei Xin hit five persons and two of them died. Shifu Yang Wei Xin was sent to prision and shifu Lin Jing Shan was placed in command of the Yantai School in his absence.

Eventually, after about a year shifu Yang Wei Xin was released by shifu Fan Xu Dongs bribery payments (he was quite rich and influential), and sent to Shanghai to teach at the Shanghai Jingwu Association before shifu Luo Guang Yu arrived there.
Although shifu Yang Wei Xin was a more senior master than shifu Luo Guang Yu he was not as successful a coach in Shanghai (he was said to be a fierce man with a quick temper) and did not make the kind of impact that Luo Guang Yu did. It is stated in shifu Huang Han Xun book, that shifu Yang Wei Xin did not get used to the lifestyle and weather in Shanghai. Therefore, he returned to Yantai and continued to teach over there.

Shifu Yang Wei Xin tang lang quan ability was recognized by his gong fu brothers, and for example shifu Wang Chuan Yi spoke highly of him to his students.
Shifu Yang Wei Xin passed away in 1966.