His name is also romanized as: Yu Lok Gon / Yu Lok Gong.

Yo Lai Chun was nicknamed Yu Tit-Choy (Yu the iron hammer).

He studied under Luo Guang Yu. He was from Shandong and taught at some stage in Foshan, probably after Feng Wing Chun, around 1927.

The Shifu Yuen Kay San lineage (from the Yong Chun Quan -Wing Chun Kuen- style) tells the following story, that seems to have been published in the newspapers and books in Foshan.

Yo Lai Chun came to Foshan to establish the Jing Mo. North/South rivalries flared, and challenges were made. Yo was well known for his kicking ability, they said he could launch the 100lbs rice bags across a room with one kick. Anyway, a local Yong Chun guy took up the challenge, and Yuen Kay-San went to watch. Only problem was, the Yong Chun guy didn’t show up.
Yo Lai Chun knew Yuen Kay San was a well known local Yong Chun Quan guy, so asked him to fight instead. Yuen was sitting on a fence at the time, his slippers dangling from his feet. Yuen refused, saying he didn’t want to fight.

Yo didn’t take no for an answer, and attacked anyway. Yuen jumped to his feet and parried the attack, but didn’t have time to even put his shoes on properly. Yo backed up and tried to get room to kick, but Yuen stayed with him, sticking to both his arms a legs. Yo’s back hit up against a barred door, and Yuen had him under control, so Yo gave up. He said “Yong Chun hands, combined with Tang Lang legs, would make a powerful system” and he is supposed to have learnt some Yong Chun form Yuen Kay San. I’m not sure how much he learned because he was recalled to Shanghai soon thereafter. Yuen Kay San (the Yong Chun master) lived and died in Foshan. Born 1889, died 1956.

One of Yo Lai Chun’s praying mantis studentS is still living in Foshan.