His name is also romanized as: Chiu Chi Man / Jiu Ji Man /Jiu Jee Mon / Chu Chi Man.

Born in 1901 or 1902.

Shifu Zhao Zhi Min joined the Hong Kong Jing Wu Athletic Association in 1924 to learn the Northern Shaolin Martial Art.
Shifu Zhao Zhi Min first began the study of Shaolin Tan Tui style under shifu Cheung Shu Ching (c), he later followed two other Tan Tui Masters, shifu Miu Yuk Kei (c) and shifu Chui Lin Wor (c). Shifu Zhao Zhi Min also studied under shifu Chui Lin Wor’s (c) top student (shifu Bak Lin Sai (c)). Great effort and dedication was put in for six years, but not being contented he went on to further study Ying Zhou Fan Zi Men (Eagle Claw) and Taiji Quan (Grand Ultimate Boxing) under sifu Ng Po Cheng (c) at the Jing Wu Association. From this time there is a tape of shifu Zhao Zhi Min performing a very advanced ‘composite’ Eagle Claw form made up of several elements of other lower advanced forms.

In 1930 shifu Luo Guang Yu who was instructed by Shanghai Jing Wu Athletic Association to offer tuition for the Seven Star Mantis Praying Style in the Hong Kong Jing Wu Athletic Association.

It was through an introduction from shifu Ng Po Cheng (c), that shifu Zhao Zhi Min started to study under shifu Luo Guang Yu. Under shifu Luo Guang Yu’s personal instruction and through laborious practise shifu Zhao Zhi Min achieved remarkable results. In 1933 shifu Zhao Zhi Min was appointed as shifu Luo Guang Yu’s assistant instructor and took full responsibility for the classes in shifu Luo’s absence. In the same year, shifu Zhao Zhi Min was also nominated as the Department Head Manager of the Chinese Martial Arts division of the Jing Wu Association.

Shifu Zhao Zhi Min was appointed to take over the tuition in teaching the gong fu lessons during shifu Luo Guang Yu’s absence (visiting outside the country for six years).

Shifu Zhao Zhi Min occupied this position for six years and during this time shifu Zhao Zhi Min travelled with shifu Luo Guang Yu to Guang Zhou, China and other neighbouring countries to give gong fu demonstrations. Later, due to an economic crisis in Hong Kong, the Jing Wu Association was forced to close down.

In 1938, shifu Zhao Zhi Min and his gong fu brothers set up the Man Keung Athletic Association in Hong Kong. Shifu Zhao Zhi Min was elected as the first chairman while shifu Luo Guang Yu was appointed as chief instructor of the executive committee of the Association. Shifu Zhao Zhi Min gave frequent demonstrations throughout Hong Kong and the New Territories at theatres and open air fund raising events for charity.

Sometime later, the Pacific war was broken out, the Man Keung Athletic Association was forced to close down and shifu Luo Guang Yu returned to his native place in Shang Dong province, while shifu Zhao Zhi Min remained in Hong Kong.
Shifu Zhao Zhi Min has been an outstanding promoter of the Seven Star Praying Mantis Style. In April 1956 shifu Zhao Zhi Min, and representatives of other gong fu styles, formed a visiting demonstration troupe and went to Taiwan where they performed for Chinese troops stationed at Peng Hu Islands. They also visited Ping Tung, Kao Shung, Tainan, Mt Phoenix and the Fisherman Islands. Shifu Zhao Zhi Min never forgot his gratitude to his Master, and his Master’s lifelong endeavour to promote the Seven Star Praying Mantis Style. Shifu Zhao Zhi Min has acted as the Chief Instructor of the Luo Clansmen Martial Arts Club, Chairman of the Zhao Zhi Min Physical Training Club, member of the Development Committee of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association, permanent superintendent of both the Hong Kong and Kowloon Northern Seven Star Alumni Association and the Lee Kam Wing Martial Arts Gymnasium.

Shifu Zhao Zhi Min passed away in September 2002.