Affiliate Instructor Sifu Simon started his Martial Career studying Hapkido in the early 1970’s, which he reached 3rd Kup (brown belt). He then went on to train as an indoor student of Guro Nonoy in the internal arts and several Fukien systems. He first attained a high level of competence in Tai Chi Chuan and later added Ba Gua Chang and Hsing I Quan to his repertoire. Together with the internal arts, the complementary study of Kali/Escrima provided Sifu Simon with a strong vocabulary in Chin Na (locking/control) techniques open handed or with weapons.

Sifu Simon Chong has specifically designed women’s self-defense workshops for companies such as Saint Elizabeth Visiting Nurses, Mayfair Racket Club and Body+Soul Fitness. He has counseled high ranking officers in many large corporations on topics of stress management, personal growth, health and well-being.

Sifu Simon has followed the philosophy of Taoism since childhood. He is well educated in the Taoist practices and writings involved in raising the internal strength of a person by his teacher Guro Nonoy. He has studied many Taoist classics and regularly employs koan-like verses from Taoist writings such as The Art of War, Tao Deh Ching and many lesser know Taoist cannons in his classes. It is odd that though Tai Chi is considered a soft art all of Sifu Simon’s students note how ‘enjoyable painful’ his lessons are. Guro Nonoy considers Sifu Simon to be gifted in the martial arts and intuitive teacher.

Sifu Simon sees everything including martial arts from a Taoist view, a holistic system that provides health to the body/mind/spirit. It is essential to strengthen the inside equally to the outside. Sifu Simon Chong has worked security in bars across Toronto since the mid 80’s and at a whopping 150 pounds he has seen his share of challenges and met them all with a blend of inner and outer strength.

“Tai Chi is often perceived as a slow-moving art for the elderly,” says Sifu Simon. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Tai Chi is called ‘Supreme Ultimate Fist’ for a reason. The study of Tai Chi creates the peerless boxer. It is like fighting smoke. The weak defeat the strong and the slow beat the fast!”