The Mantis Speaks is a special video blog focused solely on techniques. Each post is approximately 5 minutes in length and highlights whatever technique was the focus of Sifu Harvey or Sifu Chong‘s given class that week. Two techniques are posted each week. These are commented and elucidated upon by other Sifus and higher ranking students to help clarify what is being demonstrated and to point out subtleties that might otherwise be missed.

The value of these videos as learning tools and teaching aids cannot be overemphasized.

A One Year THE MANTIS SPEAKS Membership is on special now for $24.95. That works out to 25 cents per technique! But this special will only last until March 31st. After that, the price goes up to $49.95.

Sample Techniques:

Upward Elbow Part 1 from Dan Couto on Vimeo.

Single Whip 1 from Dan Couto on Vimeo.